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Alexis Persani puts clothes on the sculptures of the museum   

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If I see three or four young black men walking down the street, I have to stop them and check their names. I want them to be afraid every time they see the police that they might get arrested.

Chief Russell Mills to the LA Times after shooting and killing black 89-year-old great grandfather Shawn Monroe at a barbecue unprovoked. Today, he walks free with no charges, despite numerous witnesses and his own admission that he enjoys terrorizing black people.

Tell me again why Black people should be okay with police when they have, since the history of our being kidnapped to this fucking country, have not EVER been about protecting us, but about terrorizing us?

Police are NOT for Black people’s safety. They are about torturing us, terrorizing us and killing us. Period. There is no safety with police. There is no peace keeping with police. They have ALWAYS been a terror to the Black community and I am tired of this fact being pushed to the wayside.

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And Ray Kelly, when he was Commissioner in NYC said the same thing.
Arpaio has said the same thing.
This is a ROUTINE assertion that the point of the police is to be an agent of state terror. And that such terror should be all but exclusively focused on Black and Brown bodies.

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wow im just going to leave this here

Dear packaging designers at Unilever,
the fuck is wrong with you??!?!?!?!
What the fuck was going through your heads that made you think “yeah that’s a good idea” ?? What manager oversaw this and approved it ????




Observe this bird and stop having such a shitty day




Princess Elizabeth playing tag with midshipmen on board HMS Vanguard during the Royal Tour of South Africa. 1947.

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Racism and Middle Earth: Part 1/6: People of Color in Middle Earth

If you haven’t already seen this post, I’d highly recommend you take a look - it outlines this series of racism posts and also includes my blanket disclaimer as to my own ethnicity/point of view.

Regarding feedback: I love it. But keep in mind that this is part 1 of 6, so there’s a pretty good chance I’m already planning on talking about whatever you’re thinking off. Send me a message anyway, be my guest, just keep that in mind. And, if your feedback is more of the “sharing my ideas on the subject” variety, it’s probably more valuable to the fandom as a reblog - put your words out there so everyone can benefit from them, not just me (I promise I’ll be reading all the reblogs on this post anyway, so I’ll still see it.)

(Also, please let me know if you notice any typos/factual errors. I’ll likely polish this up for a downloadable final version, so any mistakes you catch now would really help me out later.)


Iain Sellar as featured on Swallows&Daggers.


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Ron and Hermione BTS Kiss - HP Wizards Collection

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