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Some ladies are far more articulate than I can be…

since “You go, girl” doesn’t seem appropriate, “You go, Justice Bader Ginsburg”!!!

Bitches get shit done

True Story: Ginsburg and her husband attended law school together.  After their first kid was born, her husband was diagnosed with testicular cancer, and Ginsburg attended class for both of them and took notes.  With a sick husband and a newborn baby, she still made law review.  

True fact: Ginsburg’s opinion in the VMI case is 50 tons of smoking-hot judicial “fuck you, if the standard is equality of opportunity, VMI, you can’t put three adjunct professors in a classroom next to a jungle gym, tell them to teach the ladeez, and then claim that you’re offering female students the same opportunity that you offer male students”.  

True fact: Ginsburg’s beef with Roe v. Wade is that it was insufficiently clear that the decision of whether or not to give birth to a kid is all about the goddamn person who has to give birth.   

True fact: Ginsburg is saucy as fuck, calling Scalia straight-out on his bullshit on the health care law by quoting his very own words back to him

True fact:  Ginsburg is a tough old bird who didn’t miss a day on the bench while she was getting chemo for colon cancer, but she is only human, and what Romney will appoint to replace her if he wins the presidency does. not. bear. thinking about. 


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